We offer the following compliment of legal services:

1. Administrative Law

  • Urgent Applications
  • Interdicts
  • Review Applications
  • Ex Parte Application

2. Criminal Court Practice

3. Labour Law

4. Conveyancing & Property Law

5. Commercial Forensic Investigations

6. Communal Property Law & Mining Law

7. Land Claims Court

8. Divorce & Family Law


Some of the other services we offer:-

  • Drafting of Employment contract,
  • Drafting of Performance Agreements
  • Representing in litigation matters in the Magistrate Court and High Court.
  • Preparing detailed legal opinions on complicated points of law.
  • Drafting of contracts for Consultants, construction contracts or other service providers ect.
  • We assist those Municipalities who in line with Section 67, of the Municipal Systems Act, Municipalities decide to put in place the following:
    1. Recruitment Policies;
    2. Disciplinary Procedure;
    3. Grievance Procedure etc.


We provide all the above services to Municipalities, and a range of other services, which are Municipal specific.

  1. Debt Collection;
  2. Conveyancing;
  3. Training Municipal Managers and Supervisors in Labour Relations
  4. Disciplinary Cases for Municipalities
  5. General Litigation.