About Us

Mission Statement

To bring together highly skilled, dedicated, competent and hard working professional, practitioners of law specializing in Administrative Commercial, Conveyancing and Labour Law.

To render a competent professional, efficient and effective service to the public and cooperate bodies of the Northern Cape and Free State Province.

“We go the extra mile”


The Firm

The law firm Mjila & Partners Attorneys was established on the 1 November 2001.

The main purpose for the establishment of the firm was to fill the void created by the non-existence of a law firm specializing in Municipal Law in the Northern Cape.

We noted that most Municipalities ended up, pulling at the short-end of the stick, due to lack of understanding from lawyers, as to how to deal with the peculiar problems of Municipalities.

We therefore took a conscious decision to familiarize ourselves with all the statutes and precedents dealing with Municipal law so as to give attention to the problems of Municipalities.

We have since our establishment proven ourselves to be a force to be reckoned with, in our fields of expertise, including but not limited to Municipal Law.

Although, we specialize in municipal law, over the past 17 years we have since established ourselves in the following fields of law:

(a) Labour Law (in the Bargaining Council, CCMA, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, Disciplinary Hearings);

(b) Criminal and Civil Litigation in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeals, High Court, Regional Court and Magistrates Court;

(c) Administrative Law; and

(d) Commercial Law.

We have also in the meantime entered into an Association Agreement with Matz Watermeyer Attorneys, to empower ourselves in the conveyancing field. We therefore, offer an additional service in conveyancing, which we do with the assistance of Matz Watermeyer Attorneys.

Mjila & Partners Attorneys is situated at 27 D’Arcy Street,Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301.



  • Municipalities;
  • Organs of the State;
  • Organization;
  • Institutions; and
  • General Public.